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Essay On Only One Earth In 700+ Words



Essay On Only One Earth

Essay On Only One Earth In 700+ Words

Hello My Dear Lovely Friend, In this post “Essay On Only One Earth“, We will going to read about the Theme Of World Environment Day 2022 “Only One Earth”,  as an Essay In detail.  So…
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Essay On Only One Earth In English

World Environment Day is a time to appreciate the Earth we have and to ask ourselves if we are doing everything we can to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

It’s also a time to reflect on what we can do to help protect the planet. We feel, that celebrating Environment Day is important. We have a strong focus on environmental protection.

World Environment Day is a global annual observance observed on 5 June. The day is celebrated by the public and governments to highlight the importance of protecting the environment.

June 5 is a day to celebrate environmental health and what we can do to keep it healthy. One specific issue we want to talk about today is what we can do to save the environment and all the creatures living in it.

We should all take a break from what we are doing to improve our health and take care of the planet. Doing this will save our planet from degradation.

Yes, our lifestyles and activities are very good for our health and economy but our impact on the environment is also very damaging. This means that we need to care for the environment as much as possible and create sustainable environments.

Studies show that if we keep the usage of plastics and the production of toxic chemicals to a minimum, the natural balance of the environment can be restored.

But, you cannot get rid of everything. However, if we take an active role in preserving the environment and preserving our resources we can improve the natural balance.

The first World Environment Day was held in 1974. Every year, the United Nations assigns a new theme to World Environment Day (United Nation).

The theme of World Environment Day 2022 is “Only One Earth,” and Sweden is hosting the event this year.

World Environment Day 2022 will be marked under the theme “only one earth,” emphasizing the importance of living sustainably in harmony with nature.

This day gives us the opportunity to take proactive measures to protect and improve the environment.

We cannot even imagine our existence without the earth. Have you ever considered how we would travel or walk if there was no earth? There would be no water to drink, no animals to feed, and no cultivation, therefore there would be no food to eat.

This means that life for humans and other living things would be impossible without the earth. In another way, we can say.

“The earth provides us everything; we should learn to give back.” “The sun gives us light; the air gives us new life; we all have agriculture on the earth to erase hunger.”

World Environment Day is a worldwide event that promotes good change.  With over 150 countries participating, This UN international day brings together governments, businesses, civil society, schools, celebrities, cities, and communities to raise environmental awareness and celebrate environmental action.

According to a UN report, there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans by 2050. So, how are we, as students, supposed to change our lifestyle and live in a more environment-friendly manner?

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The most simple way to help save the environment is by not using plastic bags.

2. Reduce the Use of Paper

It is a myth that trees are grown only for paper. Apart from paper, trees are also needed for medicine and health products, paper, fiber, fertilizers, oxygen, and firewood.

A paper cut is more painful than breaking glass. Thus, you should use your paper products carefully.

3. Recycle

One of the easiest things that we can do to help the environment is to recycle our waste. Recycling can prevent the emission of a lot of harmful gasses which are created by burning garbage.

4. Eco-friendly items

As we know, the use of plastic is becoming a common thing among us. According to the CSIRO, our planet can fit 4.5 billion plastic bottles into its orbit before it was destroyed by gravity.

However, the planet does not have enough resources to recycle these plastics. Therefore, we need to find better options for the use of plastic.

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