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Essay On Brain Drain In 250+ Words



Essay On Brain Drain In 250+ Words

Essay On Brain Drain In 250+ Words

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Essay On Brain Drain In 250+ Words

The term “brain drain” refers to the movement of people with abilities and skills from emerging or underdeveloped to developed nations.

It entails enriching one country while depleting another’s intellectual, professional, and technical resources. It is often referred to as the exodus of skilled resources in large numbers from a nation.

It could cause the country’s economy to decline. Brain Drain is a serious hazard to a nation. The nations where they were born and received their education suffer greatly as a result of this exodus. One of the main drivers of long-term immigration is higher education.

In 1960, when the skilled labor force began migrating from emerging or underdeveloped countries to industrialized countries, the United Kingdom coined the term “brain drain” (first world countries).

It describes the circumstance in which highly skilled and trained individuals leave their home country to live permanently in other industrialized nations.

Another name for it is human capital flight. With the onset of globalization, the exchange of ideas, opinions, and skills in the form of labor began.

Any nation should be extremely concerned about the idea of brain drain, which involves people leaving their country to live in another one abroad.

People frequently move there after completing their higher education because there are more lucrative jobs and better compensation there.

Professionals with talent, ability, and experience relocate to other nations in search of better job opportunities.

They are drawn to industrialized countries by the higher pay, superior living conditions, availability of cutting-edge technology, and more stable political environments, which encourage migration from less developed nations.

Push Factors:

  • The basic infrastructure at the institutions does not support research and education.
  • Thousands of engineering graduates, as well as scientific and technical workers waiting on jobs, are underemployed.
  • Instability in politics.
  • A low standard of living.
  • Restricted access to medical facilities.
  • Fewer chances for employment.

Pull Factors:

  • Better prospects for the economy.
  • Better Research infrastructure.
  • Employment Possibilities
  • Political Stability, relative.
  • Better chances of advancement and a modern education system.

How to Stop Brain Drain

In rising economies, talent is expensive, hard to keep, and in short supply. However, it is crucial to put an end to the phenomenon of brain drain in order to maintain the balance of power and advance global growth.

This will assist a certain nation in using all of its skilled locals for development and proliferation. But it’s also crucial to give them enough career possibilities and housing options if we want to keep these skilled employees in their home cities.

Developed nations should provide the necessary funds and resources to poorer countries for this purpose.

So that every single person on the earth can live in comfort and every single country can boast of being a developed one.

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