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Brittney Griner’s Prison sentence is upheld in a Russian court



Brittney Griner's Prison sentence is upheld in a Russian court

Brittney Griner’s Prison sentence is upheld in a Russian court

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Brittney Griner’s Prison sentence is upheld in a Russian court

US basketball star Brittney Griner’s appeal against a nine-year prison sentence was denied by a Russian court on Tuesday.

In the city of Krasnogorsk, which is situated just northwest of Moscow, a court decided to uphold the verdict.

Griner has won two gold medals at the Olympics.

Brittney Griner’s arrest: why?

On February 17, Griner was taken into custody at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport while in possession of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. In Russia, the drug is forbidden.

For possessing and importing drugs, she was given a nine-year prison sentence on August 4.

The judge who gave Griner her nine-year term concluded that she had done it “deliberately.” While claiming in her evidence that it was an “honest mistake” and that she had packed “in a rush,” Griner had entered a guilty plea.

She had received a prescription for cannabis oil to relieve pain, according to allegations made by her defense team.

Additionally, it contended that the 9-year sentence was excessive, noting that convicts in situations identical to this one often received sentences of around five years.

Russia-US tensions

Griner was alleged “wrongfully detained,” according to US officials; Moscow has refuted this claim. Days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the basketball star was arrested.

In a meeting with Griner’s wife Cherelle last month, US President Joe Biden referred to the verdict as “terrible.” He declared that his government was exerting “every effort possible” to secure her release.

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Washington made a “serious proposal to bring Griner home” in July.

The White House claimed that Russia has not yet responded in a useful manner, despite Russian officials urging the US to hold private discussions about the issue.

Paul Whelan, a former US marine who was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020 on charges of espionage, has also been petitioned for his release by Washington.

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