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Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For The Banking & Finance Sector



Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For The Banking & Finance Sector

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For The Banking & Finance Sector

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Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For The Banking & Finance Sector

Several small and medium enterprises in the financial and banking industry are currently experimenting with blockchain technology.

Banks and financial institutions are now looking for innovative technologies and approaches to disrupt and transform their existing business models by utilizing innovative new solutions, such as distributed ledger technology.

More Companies In the Blockchain Industry

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of companies developing innovative blockchain solutions and projects. Many new businesses and start-ups are also investing in blockchain projects.

Many fintech companies are planning to develop blockchain projects and initiatives, to improve their existing products and services and further explore other lucrative possibilities.

The shift from bitcoin to blockchain technology, though still not evident, has become evident and banks and financial institutions have now begun to accept the blockchain concept as one of the many other new opportunities for innovation in their existing and new services.

Banks in Europe, Singapore, and China, are undertaking a number of blockchain initiatives, while banks in the US and other major countries are considering adopting the technology.

However, there are still challenges that need to be overcome, such as regulations on the blockchain, international scale of business operations, as well as investment in blockchain projects and technologies.

Blockchain Technology Is Most Likely to Impact The Financial Industry

Blockchain technology is expected to disrupt the banking and financial services industry in the near future.

There is a need for a secure and efficient method for processing transactions and transferring assets. Therefore, there is a huge market opportunity for blockchain technology.

According to a white paper titled “The State of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in Payments and Securities” by investment advisory firm, Quest Partners, by 2020, the global financial services industry could see $500 billion in revenues from blockchain technology.

In addition, if blockchain technology catches on and the regulations surrounding the blockchain are clarified, it will significantly reduce the cost of transactions, securities trading, and cross-border payments.

Additionally, there is a huge growth opportunity for fintech companies in the cryptocurrency industry. However, new innovations such as blockchain could lead to the transformation of the banking and finance industry.

Blockchain allows banks to build a more efficient and cost-effective platform. According to Ravi Menon, managing director, and chief executive officer of Singapore’s central bank, the Singaporean government plans to adopt blockchain technology for clearing and settling transactions.

It is believed that Singapore is the first major financial hub to be experimenting with the use of the blockchain.

In 2014, Singapore, along with three other jurisdictions, was said to be exploring the use of the blockchain. It is said that Singapore is becoming the banking center of the Asia Pacific region.

Adoption of Blockchain Technology to Surpass Global Financial Services Industry

The adoption of blockchain technology by banks and the financial services industry in Singapore is also gaining popularity.

In 2015, reported that MAS announced that it was forming a working group to consider the future of blockchain technology.

Singapore’s chief finance minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, said:

“The state of blockchain adoption is still at a very early stage. As blockchain itself is still in the nascent stage, MAS is exploring a number of potential uses for this technology.

“At the same time, the state of digital currencies and their uses are receiving greater interest. MAS is closely watching developments in the digital currencies space.”

Additionally, MAS also highlighted a number of regulatory issues that need to be addressed in the area. The regulator said in December that it was looking into cryptocurrency trading in Singapore.

A number of cryptocurrency exchanges have since moved to other jurisdictions in Southeast Asia due to tougher regulations.

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